Danielle is a joy to work with. Dedicated, present, and skilled, she truly believed in my power to heal myself and brought so much hope into my healing journey. I not only felt deeply supported while working with her but I also noticed an increase in my own motivation to take care of myself and loved the healing tea and rituals that she encouraged me to sustain. I’d highly recommend her to anyone!
— Sylvie Lam

Danielle is one of those skilled and charismatic graduates that has so absorbed the spirit and practice of Vitaist therapeutics,
that we have already invited her to teach in our Fundamentals program.
— Lisa Ganora, Director of Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism; Author "Herbal Constituents"; Professor of Pharmacology at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine

Danielle offers a very unique and powerful gift to this world through her heartfelt and knowlegable service. She is so thorough and caring. Her methods are both intuitive and grounded! I’ve seen great results from her in such a short amount of time. I’m thrilled to be working with her! If you have a desire to improve your health to its full potential, you’d be smart to join forces with Danielle.
— Garrett Braun

As a nurturing presence along this path for healing, Danielle has offered grounding and gentle reminders of the powerful allies we remain connected to in this life.
— Alexandra Humphreys