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Professor of Mycology, Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism

After completing her studies at the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism, Danielle Ryan was
invited to teach in the Fundamentals program, primarily classes on fungi, medicinal mushrooms,
and the fascinating world of mycology. After studying with Peter McCoy in New Mexico in the fall
of 2016, Danielle’s love for mycology blossomed. She cultivates medicinal mushrooms on a
home scale, teaches classes to the public on DIY Cultivation, instructs at CSCH on medicinal
mushrooms as supplements of commerce, and does one-on- one mentoring with aspiring
mycologists in the community.

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Wilderness Herbal First Responder Instructor, Global Emergency Medics

Immersion in the outdoors is one of the oldest forms of healing, known as Nature Cure. Given Danielle’s love for spending time outside and adventuring into backcountry environments, she merged with Global Emergency Medics to create a Wilderness Herbal First Responder. This course teaches medical training both in the classroom and in the field, combining traditional  rescue skills and management with how to identify and use medicinal herbs acutely, no matter how remote you may be.

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Custom Herbal Formulator

Danielle aims to bring herbal medicine into the lives of those who may not typically be exposed to herbs as an option for their ailments. She aims to merge traditional, “Eastern” medicine with current Western models and has begun by partnering with Cloud Medical, a primary care office redefining healthcare to be personalized, affordable, and innovative. She created an line of herbal formulas to be available for Cloud patients as a natural, herbal option to common complaints including sleep, stress, and immunity.

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