As an organic farmer, gardener, vegetarian chef, and avid foodie, my original way of connecting the art of healing to the importance of honoring the natural world began with food. I do not preach any specific diet. I create individualized nutritional advice based on each persons constitution, symptoms, and personal dietary needs while holding the values of seasonal, local, and whole foods as pillars of my practice. 


Clinical Herbalism

Far before the invention of bottles, prescriptions, and pills, humans would go into the forest to harvest plants and fungi to heal their ailments. The human connection to the use of plants as medicine is nearly as old as humans themselves. I use local, wildcrafted herbs, organically cultivated plants, and home grown fungi as the primary medicines in my work. I strive to use only organic, sustainable, local, or fair-trade herbs in all formulas. 



Beyond the work of nutrition and herbs lies the world of our spirituality, emotional well-being, and the revival of our innate vitality. I use hydrotherapy, flower essences, meditation, pranayama, and other practices in my one-on-one work work in order to stoke the inner fire and bring true vitality back into the lives of my clients. Trained in the Vitalist Tradition, I offer coaching tailored to each individual with the common intention of raising one's vitality.